• Our Club-Hotel

We are open DAILY, including sundays, from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am.

Personal attention from our Ladies

many beautiful girls · super STRIP-SHOW · whirlpool · well-groomed ambience

half-hour 90 Euro
one hour 150 Euro
one hour whirlpool 190 Euro

Pricing & Service

We have a continuously changing programme that includes everything, a man could wish for. At our establishment, relaxing round in the whirlpool, our girls will fulfill every wish.

Enjoy the laid-back and relaxed atmosphere of our bar rooms or stylishly furnished rooms, with nice company. We also offer SM. Under our service category, you can find additional details, for an unforgettable evening…

Experience an unforgettable moment...

Bookings possible for private events. Contact +49 (171) 5 40 79 96

Spiritous Beverages
Oldesloer Korn 4cl 10 Euro
Fürst Bismarck 4cl 10 Euro
Jubiläums Aquavit 4cl 10 Euro
Osborne Veterano 4cl 10 Euro
Wodka Moskovskaya 4cl 10 Euro
Wodka Absolut Grasovka 4cl 10 Euro
Gordon's Gin 4cl 10 Euro
Bacardi Rum 4cl 10 Euro
Bacardi Rum Black 4cl 10 Euro
Campari 4cl 10 Euro
Pernod 4cl 10 Euro
Havanna Club 7 Years old 4cl 10 Euro
Fernet-Branca 4cl 6 Euro
Asbach Uralt 4cl 10 Euro
Metaxa 4cl 6 Euro
Jägermeister 4cl 6 Euro
Ramazzotti 4cl 10 Euro
Hansen Rum with Lemon, Tonic, Ginger Ale, Cola, Orangejuice, Soda 4cl 10 Euro
Hansen Rum with Red Bull 4cl 15 Euro
incl. Soda, Cola  
Hennessy V.S.0.P. 4cl 10 Euro
Remy Martin V.S.O.P 4cl 10 Euro
Martell V.S.O.P. 4cl 10 Euro
Warsteiner 0,33 bottle 7 Euro
Clausthaler 0,33 bottle 7 Euro
König-Pilsener 0,33 bottle 7 Euro
Whisky (incl. Soda, Cola)
Ballantines 4cl 10 Euro
Jim Beam 4cl 10 Euro
Johnnie Walker Red Label 4cl 10 Euro
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years 4cl 15 Euro
Glenfiddich 4cl 15 Euro
Chivas Regal 12 Years old 4cl 15 Euro
Dimple 12 Years old 4cl 15 Euro
Jack Daniel's 4cl 15 Euro
Southern Comfort 4cl 15 Euro
Teachers's 4cl 15 Euro
Canadian Club 4cl 15 Euro
Old Bushmills 4cl 15 Euro
Black Bush 4cl 15 Euro
Tullamore Dew 4cl 15 Euro
Glenmorangie 4cl 15 Euro
Jameson 4cl 15 Euro
Gentleman 4cl 15 Euro
Spiritous Beverages in bottles
Wodka Moskovskaya 1,0l bottle 180 Euro
Gordon's Gin 1,0l bottle 180 Euro
Bacardi 1,0l bottle 180 Euro
Jonny Walker Red Label 0,7l bottle 150 Euro
Ballentines 0,7l bottle 150 Euro
Jonny Walker Black Label 0,7l bottle 150 Euro
Chvias Regal 12 Years 0,7l bottle 150 Euro
Jack Daniels 0,7l bottle 150 Euro
incl. Soda, Cola  
Sparkling Wine
Freixenet trocken 0,75l bottle 100 Euro
Chandon, Dry 0,75l bottle 100 Euro
Asti Spumante 0,75l bottle 100 Euro
Piccolo, Sparkling Wine and Champagne
Asti Spumante (Sparkling wine) 0,2l bottle 18 Euro
Schloss Bierbich (Sparkling wine) 0,2l bottle 18 Euro
Duc Dorian (Sparkling wine) 0,2l bottle 18 Euro
Piper Heidsieck 0,2l bottle 35 Euro
Moët&Chandon, Ice Imperial 0,75l bottle 250 Euro
Moët&Chandon, brut 0,75l bottle 200 Euro
Veuve Clicquot, brut 0,375l bottle 100 Euro
Veuve Clicquot, demi sec 0,75l bottle 20 Euro
Veuve Clicquot, demi sec 0,375l bottle 100 Euro
Heidsieck Red Top, demi sec 0,75l bottle 200 Euro
Heidsieck Red Top, demi sec 0,375l bottle 100 Euro
Dom Pérignon, Jahrgang 0,75l bottle 480 Euro
Roederer Cristal 0,75l bottle 480 Euro
Alcohol-free drinks
Coca Cola 0,2l bottle 5 Euro
Coca Cola Light 0,2l bottle 5 Euro
Red Bull 0,25l bottle 6 Euro
Sprite 0,2l bottle 5 Euro
Apple-, Banana-, Cherry-, Orange-juice 0,2l bottle 5 Euro
Tomatojuice 0,25l bottle 5 Euro
Apollinaris 0,2l bottle 5 Euro
Schweppes Lemon, Tonic, Ginger Ale 0,2l bottle 5 Euro
Coffee cup 3 Euro
Liqueur on ice
Baileys Irish Cream 4cl 6 Euro
White wine glass 6 Euro
White wine 0,75l bottle 50 Euro
Red wine glass 6 Euro
Red wine 0,75l bottle 50 Euro

All prices includes service and value added tax.